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AG Technology is constituted in the year 2011 to provide technology consulting services and support to SMEs and large enterprises of all sectors after more than 20 years of experience of its professionals in the field of new technologies

In many cases the employer, director or representative of the company is forced to delegate - and even to take - on tasks for which neither themselves nor the people who delegate are prepared, which entails making decisions without any certainty of success.

We will release you of these tasks so that it can focus its efforts and its employees in tasks that are productive and valuable to the business.

Our goal is to provide solutions with a unique interest: the guarantee of quality for our customer.

The areas in which we work are making technological projects, computer support, computer security, implementation and audit of data protection consulting rights of author, WEB design, positioning in search engine optimization (SEO), high and updates on social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter...), Backup, and disaster recovery and training service.

Madrid, providing technological consultancy to all Spain are located. 


Oscar Gomez Pineda (IT Manager)

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Paseo de Zafra 38 bis 1 ° D                                 28028 Madrid Spain                                          Phone: + 34 913401100


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