1st Meeting: “Kick Off” In Madrid!


The first project meeting kicked off in Madrid (Spain) with representatives from all the countries involved (UK, Turkey, Hungary and Spain) attending the first meeting. Formal introductions and presentations from each partner were received where it was seen that all partners brought strength and expertise to the project and each showed the potential for dividing the project workload equally and fairly.

Partners debated over the 2 days meeting about the meaning of the project and how the project would progress,what the aims and objectives are and the unilateral commitment to achieve those aims.

Once that the tasks of the two missing partners were shared among the present partners, the agreement of distribution of tasks among the partners is the following:

Fundación Siglo22 -FS22- (Spain) will be responsible of:
  • General Coordination
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Web Site development
  • Learning Platform Implementation
  • Twitter user
  • Procedures Report
OAKE Associates -OAKE- (UK) will be responsible of: 
  • Fourth Project Meeting
  • First Newsletter
  • LinkedIn Group
  • Evaluation Report
  • Dissemination Coordination
From AG TECHNOLOGY ADVISERS S.L. -AGT- (Spain) will be responsible of:
  • Final Project Meeting
  • Questionnaire on-line
  • Fourth Newsletter
  • LinkedIn Group
  • Copyrights and data protection in the project countries report
  • Copyrights and data protection recommendations
Számalk Szakközépiskola -SZÁMALK- (Hungary) will be responsible of:
  • Third Project Meeting
  • Third Newsletter
  • Facebook Page
  • State of Art Report
  • Design of seminars
Afyonkarahisar Teknik ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi -ATEML- (Turkey) will be responsible of:
  • Fifth Project Meeting
  • Second Newsletter
  • Facebook Page
  • Questionnaire Design Report
  • Final taxonomy report
Yeniçağa İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü -YIMEM- (Turkey) will be responsible of: 
  • Second Project Meeting
  • Second Newsletter
  • Google+ Page
  • First Taxonomy Report
  • Repository Pilot

NN3 4008During the 2 days there was a discussion among partners to really understand what we were doing in the project and what was the meaning of each task, what was the real outcome and how they input the other tasks.

At the end of the Friday we made a visit to the Prado Museum a nd the surroundings of the museum.






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