4th Meeting in Manchester


The meeting started with the welcome of Kenny Payne and a presentation of the greater Manchester area.IMG 0524


We made then a review of the results of all the questionnaires to students and teachers. We have a view to all the inputs they had for the taxonomy, and one pdf report is prepared for each role, but in general we could see that they find that the project taxonomy is quite relevant, and both teachers and students find repositories quite important for education.


With all the information we got from teachers and students we did create the final version of the taxonomy. This final report was presented in the meeting, and carefully reviewed, so that all the partners of the project are aware of how important this report is, as this is the "brain" of the repository and is the way to get a good retrieval of resources in the repository.

We also revised the ongoing evaluation process, and check we got all the requiered inputs


 After that we review the status of the Newsletters. We revised Newsletter 3 in English and Spanish. Translation to Hungarian and Turkish should be ready by the 20th of October.
Newsletter 4 will be also thematic, about Copyrights, as 3rd one is about Data Protection, and will be ready around the first months of 2015.

IMG 0583


Concerning dissemination, besides the regular dissemination way of project web site, partner websites, email and seminars and conferences, we review the role of each partner in the social networks for spreading the information about the project. The responsibility of managing each social network among partners was done before, but we agreed now that the managers of each social networks will be more active, and FS22 will also take a bigger role in Facebook.

We have a presentation by Dave Tynan of Projects:

  • Eternal Student and
  • Pecos4SMEs






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