5th Meeting in Afyonkarahisar, Turkey


The meeting started with the reception of the school director in his office, and we talk about the school and the different partners environments, and also about the results until now of the project.DSC06767

Then we had the welcome of Hüseyin Kubilay Sahin, who presented the area of Afyonkarahisar and schools situation.

After that, we started with the project tasks. The coordinator, Mariano Sanz, gave an overview to the Project Status. We have most of the important results of the project done, and it is important now that we make and effort to make it available to teachers (and students) in our environments, and to show our results as much as possible.

We had a final review of the Revetax Taxonomy implemented in the repository, it includes all the changes, which were very few, and mainly errors of transcription. The taxonomy has been seen as really complete by teachers and students, and seems to be useful for at least the 3 or 4 coming years for educational purposes. We therefore assume this version of the taxonomy as the final one and of course is the one implemented in the repository, so result 11 will not be changed any further from now.

We started then to review the repository interface, how it works, how to search but also how to include resources. The decision was that all the data (metadata) to be included in the repository should be in English, as this is the working language of the project, and the repository has been implemented also in it. But the resources themselves could have any of the languages of the partners, so that teachers are able also to find resources in their own languages.



Kenny Payne proposed to create another couple of questionnaires for the end of the project, so that we can be able to refine the impact of the project.
OAKE will be responsible for the development of those questionnaires, which will be ready for the final meeting in Madrid

OAKE also proposed to make more visible the results about Data Protection and Copyrights, as now it might be a bit hard for many teachers to get the information from the reports. We all agreed in creating an area in the web site for that, and also create a FAQ about copyrights and data protection accessible from there.






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