Technology is developing rapidly, without a pause for breath. Training environments together with web 2.0 are entering VET institutions. So, technology is starting to be present every day in the classroom and therefore teachers can (and should) create, search and customise everyday web-based educational resources to bring to their classes in order to improve the teaching and learning of their students. Students today are surrounded by technological devices, and reflecting this reality in classrooms will lead to greater motivation and involvement from the students.

There are no significant reference sites to search for these resources, and when found, you get no information that could show how good that resource could be for your class. In this project we will look for different existing sites and analyse how they work. Together with that, and having this analysis as an input, we will propose an educational resources taxonomy for storage and retrieval. These taxonomies will be tested in 3 different subjects (i.e. ICT, Language training, Situation/Game oriented learning) included in different VET vocations, plus European citizenship as a fourth item. The pilot will be carried out using a web-based environment created for the project which will be using the taxonomy developed for each subject. This environment will therefore be the first seed of a VET educational resources repository.

Creative Commons will be promoted among teachers involved in the project, in order to widen the possibilities of the repository being used, but there will also be a study about copyright and data protection issues involved. Today, teachers create resources that are in many cases already created somewhere else. The difficulties lie in being able to gain access to those resources, and avoiding the replication of existing resources instead of improving existing ones. The project will make it easier to re-use educational resources, and therefore, open the possibility of creating better resources by changing existing ones.

We, as partners from different European countries, need the project to create a common indexing system and/or classification taxonomy for educational resources from common well-established fields. As a result of this, it will improve the students┬┤ curriculum vitae by boosting their skills and preparing them for the business world. Effectively, it will foster the excellence, quality and relevance of VET to the labour market.





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