Outcome 25. Evaluation Report


This document represents the strategy and final report on evaluation plan of the ReVETax project. The document presents the elements evaluated, the evaluation tools and methodologies and the performance indicators by work package. For the ReVETax project, evaluation is an ongoing procedure that starts at the beginning of the project and lasts for the whole period of the project (duration: 24 months). Both results and processes of the project are going to be evaluated.

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Outcome 24. Copyrights and Data Protection recommendations

Copyright 2


The Revetax 'Copyrights and Date Protection Recommendations' report explains what must be taken into consideration before using other people's material. It explains different how data and protection and copyright vary in different European countries, and how Creative Commons affects the use of material in education. Finally, extremely useful recommendations are offered, so that users don't break the law, but even learn how to profit from it.

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Outcome 11. Final Taxonomy Version


The Revetax Final Taxonomy Report reflects the information required to create an educational repository with the view not only of the Revetax project, but also from teachers and students asked. Concerning repositories, it is important to be clear that this information is important for including recourses in the repository, but it is more important when retreiving resources, as it allows to have more acurate searches.

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Outcome 8. 2nd Project Meeting

NN3 5852

The second international meeting was held in Bolu, Turkey. with representatives from all the partners: Hungary, Spain, UK and Turkey. District Governor invited the project to drink tea near the Yeniçağa Lake and discuss the project aims and objectives. The meeting started with the welcome of Nesrin ÖZKAN to Bolu together with a general presentation of the country. 

Nesrin ÖZKAN introduced his colleagues and outlined the work plan for the next two days. This would include the opportunity to meet with the Provincial Director of National Education İbrahim ÇAVUŞOĞLU.

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