Outcome 11. Final Taxonomy Version

 Once we created the first version of the Revetax Taxonomy we did share it with teachers and students, through a couple of questionnaires available in the web site:

The results from these questionnares were analysed, and with the results (which are included in the report as annexes) we  finalised the first version of the Taxonomy for the Revetax Repository. This step allows us to be sure that the education community will find it useful.

DSC 1959sIn the Revetax case, the partners are involved in education, so have the required experience to create a first taxonomy that can be useful to retrieve educational resources to be use in class. So in this report we will present the final Revetax taxonomy to be used in the repository, and we will make it as useful as possible to retrieve educational resources to be use in class using the information provided by teachers and students. In this report we will present each metadata that we find that should be stored in order to have good searches afterwards.


Of each metadata we will compile in a table the following information:

  1. Type
    • What kind of data will be stored
  2. Description
    • What is this metadata about
  3. Searching
    • How will this metadata be used (or not) in the searching afterwards
  4. Controlled Vocabularies
    • The real data stored for this metadata is taken from a concrete list (controlled vocabulary)

In an annex, the taxonomy will be presented in a table in order that the metadata be more easily analysed.


Here you can dowload the complete "Final Taxonomy Report"




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