Outcome 12. 3rd Project Meeting


The meeting started with the welcome of Krisztina Juhász to Budapest, and then several students of Szamalk did a really good presentation of Hungary and Budapest.IMG 0462


We started then with the dissemination issues. We decided  that together with project web site, partner websites, email and seminars and conferences, we will also use social networks for spreading the information about the project. About newsletters, we revised Newsletter 2 in English and Spanish. Translation to Hungarian and Turkish should be ready by the 20th of June.


We also decided to make Newsletters 3 and 4 thematic:

  • Copyrights and
  • Data Protection,

so that they can be used in the seminars with teachers.


We did start then a review of all the reports of the project:

  • Project Procedures
  • State of art
    • Finally it has became a really huge compilation of information about educational repositories in the world, and we decided that this information should also be included in the our repository afterwards
  • First taxonomy report
    • It is ready, and was used to create the questionnaires. From talks with some teachers, it seems quite complete, and looks like it will not need many changes in the final version
  • Questionnaires answers
    • We will wait until the end of June to get answers, and in July prepare the resalts and with that create the final report of the taxonomy

IMG 0560


We also worked on the First report about "State of art of copyrights and data protection in the project countries" and the "Copyrights and data protection recommendations". AGT is responsible for both reports, and both are ready already, as agreed in the kick-off meeting. Both reports were presented during the meeting, and decided that seminars and courses to be done with teachers from October should include all this information about copyrights and data protection, and the specific issues, if any, in the project countries. These are questions that teachers are interested about, specially when they are planning to use internet resources

During July we will compile all the results from teachers and students concerning taxonomies, and then finalise the "First Revetax Educational Taxonomy". When this is final, we will create the repository using it, so that all the partners can start to populate it

About "Evaluation Report", this is an ongoing process during the project. We revised the first version of the Evaluation Report and decided that each partner will propose 2 external reviewers. 
During the meeting we checked that all the required questionnaires have been filled in, and therefore we spent sometime finishing the required questionnaires, both concerning the already done meetings and the project questionnaires by the institution responsible of doing so






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