Outcome 14. Interim Report as National Agency requirement

foto1 yenicagaAs required, the Interim Report of the work done in the project was sent by all the partners to their respective National Agencies in June 2014. The report was therefore sent to the following National Agencies:

  • Spain,  Organismo Autónomo Programas Educativos Europeos -OAPPE,
  • UK National Agency - Leonardo, Grundtvig & Transversal Programmes - ECORYS,
  • Hungary - TTF
  • Turkey, AB Egitim ve Genclik Programlari Merkezi Baskanligi, Leonardo Program Koordinatorlugu - CEUEYP

The report gives a view of all the work done until that moment, and cover the following sections:

  1. General InformationDSCN0764
  2. Organisation data
  3. Partnership activities undertaken and the results achieved so far
  4. What problems/obstacles have you met in the implementation of the Partnership, if any? How have these problems been solved?
  5. Mobility activities
  6. Products and evaluation
  7. Dissemination
  8. Impact

Together with the report, some partners, as the case of Spain, did send a set of annexes with all the results and some more covering all the items of the report.




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