Outcome 15. Website Repository and Repository Platform


rokstories-fp1The partners decided a taxonomy for educational resources with all the experience they have in using Internet resources and which information is important to retreive resources. This will the "brain" of the repository and is the way to get a good retrieval of resources in the repository.

The repository will be developed inside the website, as a joomla component, and the details can be seen in the Repository Development Presentation.

Some resources were included in the repository, in order to have a first "sense of use" of the system, but the main population of the repository is to be done when the final version of the repository is ready.

The areas of knowledge of the resources are all included in VET in the project countries, but some areas will tried to be specially covered:rokstories2

  • ICT
  • Computers
  • English
  • Cooking


Searching for resources in the repository is available for anyone, and it can be done in the repository link in the Revetax website:



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