Outcome 18. 3rd Newsletter


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We have dedicated this third newsletter to the area of Personal Data Protection, which is something that has to be covered in most European countries when dealing with people data.


What are the utility of laws in data protection information area? These laws protect our collected data from being used for another purpose for which we facilitate it. On the basis of directive 95/46/EC of the European parliament personal data must be treated in a loyal and lawful way and gathered with certain, explicit and legitimate purposes and not treated later in an incompatible way by the above mentioned ends. The data protection in European States like Spain, UK and Hungary have official organizations that protect the personal data of the citizens, whereas in Turkey such an official organizations does not exist and therefore the legal authority is owned by the Turkish courts, who must guard the rights of the citizens. When we gather personal data the affected one will facilitate it for a certain purpose, not being able to use it for other one without authorization.

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