Outcome 20. Revetax Repository Pilot

IMG 1788In all the seminars carried out, and also the online courses in the Revetax eLearning Platform, the participants did fill in a small questionnaire to try to make explicit what their feelings were about the repository.


The questionnaire could be done on-line, in


but we did also used paper version to fill it directly in the seminars.



The questions were about the use of repositories, and in particular about the Revetax repository, which is available at:

  • http://revetax.eu/repository

In this report we will present the general results of this questionnaire. But we also provide with the excel file with an utility to "view" results by countries


Here you can download the complete "Revetax Repository Pilot"


You can also download the Excel with the data to see the graphics for each country separatly


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