Outcome 22. 4th Newsletter


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We have dedicated this forth newsletter to Copyrights. This is a very important topic for teachers, as they are never sure if they can use or not resources they find in Internet.


All work or acts are protected by copyright, even if in the mentioned resource the word copyright is not mentioned, included everything published on the Internet. The author is the owner of the copyright in the moment of the creation of the Web resource (article, animation, sound ...) The legislation on copyright in Europe, are given by the 2001/29/EC Directive from the European Parliament. Although every country has his respective legislation about copyrights so we can only generalize the following: The contents published on the Internet such as photos, videos, texts, audio, music, professional presentations, web pages, FTP servers, repositories and the use of social networks such as Likendin, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, are protected by the copyright and although they are available on the Internet it does not mean that the use are free.

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