Outcome 25. Evaluation Report


IMG 6921This document represents the strategy and final report on evaluation plan of the ReVETax project. The document presents the elements evaluated, the evaluation tools and methodologies and the performance indicators by work package. For the ReVETax project, evaluation is an ongoing procedure that starts at the beginning of the project and lasts for the whole period of the project (duration: 24 months). Both results and processes of the project are going to be evaluated.

 Main goal of the evaluation is to identify points that need improvement and take corrective actions. The evaluation is going to identify also if the results of the project have achieved the desired quality. It also will show the degree in which the cooperation between the project partners has been useful to the project, the partners and the beneficiaries.

 The project was evaluated during whole period of its execution according to the rules written in the Quality Management Plan. Internal evaluation is divided in two strands: 1) Project and 2) Partnership. The project quality is assessed by evaluating and monitoring of WP progress using formative evaluation process. The partnership quality is assessed by evaluation and monitoring of commitment and performance of the Consortium. The analysis and presentation of the results are available on the project website

Here you can dowload the complete "Revetax Final Evaluation"




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