Outcome 5. Compose Questionnaire for teachers

The success of the Revetax Project lies in producing a product which serves its users well. To investigate needs and opinions, two questionnaires were desiigned to effectively give students' and teachers' input into the project so that the Revetax taxonomy can be designed to ensure optimum usability.

The complete questionaires in English can be downloaded here:

"Student Questionnaire" 


"Teacher Questionnaire"

We created a questionnaire in all the languages of the project, and you can find online versions for all languages below:

ATEML foto7Student Questionnaires:

English students

Hungarian students

Spanish students

Turkish students

Teacher Questionnaires:

English teachers

Hungarian student

Spanish teachers

Turkish teachers


breadcrumb img dw


The questionnaire cannot be representative as for the whole student and teacher community of the countries examined but can create a small sample to give a useful snapshot of opinion.





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