Outcome 6. 1st Newsletter

 NN3 4008We are told that technology is developing rapidly, and trainers should exploit this by using it in the classroom to improve teaching and learning. Students are surrounded by technology and it is therefore important to take that it into account with today's generation of digital natives. 

Sourcing high quality material for teaching in the VET sector is still quite difficult as there are only a few websites that offer resources. The Revetax project offers a list of relevant sites together with an analysis of how useful the resources are for various sectors.

Revetax will offer a taxonomy which will give the VET trainer a highly accurate method of accessing various repositories in Europe that offer a variety of materials for the sector. The subjects for which the resources can be used include ICT, Language learning and European citizenship. Materials range from traditional downloadable resources to those which are more interactive, notably those using game-orientated learning.

The first meeting ensured that work was split between the partners, with a clarification of what was necessary to improve the final product of the project. It was agreed that a greater load would be undertaken by each partner due to having lost two partners.

The main objectives agreed were: 

1) the creation of an educational taxonomy for the VET sector
2) the creation of a repository
2) the production of information concerning copyright and data protection

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