SZÁMALK-Szalézi Szakközépiskola, Hungary

The school was called into being by the foundation called "Foundation for the Vocational Education" to provide ICT-related training programs 20 years ago.

Our training program offer has been growing ever since, which means today we provide – besides IT vocations – training programs in the field of the media, arts, economics as well as pedagogy and public transport (flight attendant courses).

Besides our day and evening programs we offer courses for adults in traditional distance learning and blended learning forms. Our training portfolio presently contains 30 different programs in 24 vocations.

Since 2006 our school has been the member institution of "CISCO Academy", so our students can attend two different CISCO courses (IT Essentials and CCNA) – this way they can take their international exams in our school as well.

1200 students participate in the different training programs preparing for the labour market by acquiring up-dated competences.
Each year our students participate in the different national competitions with excellence.

Our school has won a special rank among the vocational educational institutions in Hungary not only with the help of its long traditions and experience in ICT education but with its activities in the field of methodology innovation. For the past 10 years the school has been involved in several experimental and innovation transfer projects, whose results have been used in the teaching process as well.
In 2007 the school – as the best institution training "multimedia designers" in Hungary – was granted the award of the "European Multimedia Association".

 Szamalk foto1The principal of the school received an award from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences for her activities in the field of pedagogical research in 2006. Our school puts a great emphasis on developing practical competences. Several of our training programs contain placement practices in companies, which activity has helped us build relations with several corporate partners.  We try to promote this placement so that our students can gain professional reference and thus potential workplace in the final semester.


Krisztina JUHASZ


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